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   Dear Guest - on - a Quest - for - a Music Adventure ! 

        Thank you for stopping by. 

        We are a (very) small, truly independent music production entity / record label, not created / owned / financed or in any other way overseen / controlled / supported by anybody.

        At Jubec Records we are personally involved, both on the creative, as well as technical level, in the production process of each of our musical acts. 

        We derive our inspiration from classic & ethnic forms, orchestral & symphonic structures,  bohemian, theatrical spirit  & drama - cinematic expression.

All this combined together, comes down to quite a sophisticated spectrum of an organic sound, that can not be described better in just two words than Jubec Records. 

       We would like to invite you to discover whether you can identify yourself with the musical values we proclaim.

If your artistic aesthetics are similar to ours, we hope,

you can find here something to please all your senses.

With love & music -

Agnessa  Kovalska  &  Jc  Enyioko,

Jubec Records