Combination of juicy African rhythms of  highlife / soukous / meringue / afrobeat / makousa  vs humorous & 

' real life '  lyrics in Pigeon dialect.

Real, sharp Afro - melo - drama ! 

                      ALBUMS :

              Money  Yab  Man


​                       POSSEIDON

​Dreamy prog-rock, mystic bossanova, earthy funk & onyric orient.

Bouncy root & mellow dance beats.

The sound of  Posseidon can be described both as alternative, as well as classic. Or even better - alternatively classic.  

It is hunting, elegant.

Intimate, yet epic.

Romantically dramatic.

                         ALBUMS :

                   ​Under  the  Sky

High-octane dose of energising funk / highlife / afrobeat  vs crystal, decadent dance beats.

Sun-saturated, happy chunks of music, with moon-lit melodic patterns.

Raw energy, adventurous, surprising.


                           ALBUMS :

              Zon  Danz  Afro  Tango

      Kovalska / Enyioko  Production

      The team of Jubec's producers :  

                   Jc  Enyioko  

     After years spent as a recording artist for some of the leading music labels on the African market, Jc realised, he wanted one of his own.

He moved to the UK and iniciated the Jubec Records project.

Jc is a multi-instrumentalist ( guitar, keyboard, bass guitar, drums & percussion instruments ).   

                Agnessa  Kovalska

   Classically trained musician 

( guitar, piano, vocal ), with a few years of experience as a music theatre stage performer in central / western Europe.

   After moving to London and meeting Jc Enyioko, she joined him in building of Jubec Records.    





Bouncy, rich song, based on root / funk / rock / reggae / afrofunk / calypso / soukous / afrobeat.

Powerful mixture of sound.

                   ALBUMS :


Copyright ©​ Jubec Records. All rights reserved.


Uplifting melodies with a contemporary western - style movie  soundtrack feeling and classic  instrumental arrangements,

based on root / reggae / ska rhythmic skeleton. 

                             ALBUMS :

                            Black  Gold


Exotically charged ethnic encounter, submerged in elaborative percussion instrument sections and  quirky

da - da  vocals. 

                        ALBUMS :

                   Las  Nietopera