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            K E  pro  ft  Joe Yamson

Captivating collection of charismatic songs with a seductive hint of melancholy, set in funk / prog rock / alternative genres scenario. 

                    M A T U M B A

​Exotically charged ethnic encounter, submerged in elaborative  percussion instruments sections and quirky 

da - da vocals.

                    B A C K A F

Bouncy, rich songs, rooted in afrofunk / afropop / afrobeat / reggae / calypso.

Powerful mixture of sound.    

​​             P O S S E I D O N

Dreamy prog rock, mystic bossanova &  onyric orient.

Mellow roots & funk beats.

Uplifting  instrumental orchestrations.

The sound of Posseidon can be described both - as well as alternative, as well as classic. Or even better - alternatively classic.

It is hunting, elegant. Intimate, yet epic.

Romantically dramatic.

​                O N Y I X

Uplifting melodies with a contemporary western style movie feeling instrumental arrangements, based on roots / roots reggae rhythmic skeleton.  

                       O Z Y R Y S

High - octane dose of energising funk / highlife / afrobeat  vs  crystal, decadent dance beats.

Sun - saturated, happy chunks of ' feel good ' factor instrumental compositions, with moon - lit melodic patterns.

Raw energy, adventurous, surprising.


                 S o u k o u    S o u l     

Combination of juicy African rhythms of highlife / soukous / makossa / afrobeat  

vs  humorous  & ' real life ' lyrics in Pigeon dialect.  

Real, shap Afro - melo - drama !